SMF Celebrates CNY with Members

The SMF celebrated the Year of the Rat with SMF members on 31 January 2020!

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore, more than 100 SMF members and industry partners gathered for this annual event to usher in good health, fortune and abundance into the year 2020.

SMF CNY 2020

 Lion Dance performance to usher in good fortune into the Year 2020. 

Just like the usual Chinese New Year celebration, the SMF tossed the “lohei” to toss up good fortune. However this year, to ensure safety to the participants and prevent the spread of the virus, the SMF arranged a “virtual” lohei, where SMF Secretariat staff donned surgical masks and gloves to toss on behalf of the attendees. The tossing was done off-site and on real-time, so attendees got to view the tossing on screen and shout out blessings for the year on each toss. Much laughter could be heard and there were praises from attendees on the ingenuity of Secretariat staff.

SMF CNY 2020

 Attendees viewed the real-time "virtual" lohei on screen.

During the event, the SMF launched the SMF-RHB Collaboration 2020, which will bring more programmes and events catered to SMF members and the manufacturing community. This is not the first time the SMF and RHB have collaborated. The SMF thank RHB for their continuous support and look forward to better serve the manufacturing community.

In conjunction with the SMF’s 88th Anniversary celebration this year, the SMF will hold the fourth edition of the SMF Awards! SMF Vice President and Chairman of the SMF Awards Organising Committee, Mr Teo Eng Cheong, launched the Awards during the event. The Awards ceremony will be held during the SMF’s 88th Anniversary Celebration Gala Dinner.

As the SMF saw the importance of the tripartite relationship between government, businesses and the trade association and chambers (TAC), the SMF invited Minister for Trade and Industry Mr Chan Chun Sing to helm a dialogue session with the attendees. Attendees had the opportunity to ask their questions on topics such as business continuity during this virus outbreak and manufacturing-related questions. Minister Chan also shared his heartfelt thoughts to the attendees and assured them that the government were working hard to help Singapore businesses. 

SMF CNY 2020

 Minister Chan Chun Sing had an open closed-door dialogue session where he shared his heartfelt thoughts to the attendees.

All celebrations will always have food. To end off the whole event, attendees were served with a sumptuous buffet and enjoyed the lohei that were tossed earlier.   

SMF CNY 2020

 Attendees were served with a sumptuous buffet after the event where attendees got to network over food and drinks.

The SMF wishes everyone good health, good business and good luck! The SMF hopes to continue to work together with everyone to make the manufacturing sector in Singapore an ever vibrant and forward-looking industry!  

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