TR78 Virtual Workshop

An interactive panel discussion with the speakers from Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), Building & Construction Authority, Arup Singapore and ST engineering.


Close to 200 participants attended an interactive virtual Workshop on TR 78 : 2020 - Building facade inspection using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) on 25 November 2020, which was jointly organised by Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), Singapore Manufacturing Federation – Standards Development Organisation, Singapore Standards Council and Enterprise Singapore.

TR78 2

The purpose of the workshop was to learn from UAS experts (including Building and Construction Authority and ST Engineering) on the use of technologies on façade inspection and the application of TR 78 : 2020. TR78 provides a set of non-exhaustive specifications for the use of UAS to conduct inspection of existing building facades. It covers the phases starting from preparation, stakeholder approvals, execution and up to post-flight data processing and report generation.

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