Young Professionals Standards Workshop

The Singapore Standards Council, together with SMF-SDO and Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) launched Young Professionals Standards Workshop on 21 November 2019 to promote the Singapore Standardisation Programme.

Young Professionals SDO

Some 50 participants attended the Young Professionals Standards Workshop on 21 November 2019.

Some 50 Young Professionals who are new to the National Standardisation Programme attended this workshop where they learnt how Singapore Standards are developed and drafted, how these Standards contributed to the transformation of the industry and bring about innovation and advancement of the industries.  

The talks given by Enterprise Singapore gave the participants an overview of Singapore Standardisation Programme, the vision of Singapore Standards Council, the work processes on development of standards and sharing on misperceptions of copyright issues.  The second speaker from the National Library Board (NLB) showed the participants how they may access to the standards collection which comprises of some 600 standards and available both in electronic and hardcopy versions. During the workshop, there was an interactive quiz for the participants to answer the common errors in standards drafting. 

Chairpersons of various participating Standards Committees such as Quality and Safety Standards Committee, Manufacturing Standards Committee and Chemical Standards Committee were invited to share their experiences about the Singapore Standardisation Programme such as benefits of participating, impact of the standards on industry and various promotional activities of each Standard Committee. Towards the end of the workshop, participants submitted their responses in their survey forms to indicate their interest in the topics they are keen to participate in and a networking lunch was provided which offered opportunities for the participants to interact with speakers.

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