Singapore Manufacturing Federation Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO) is appointed by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) as the Standards Development Organisation (SDO) to develop and promote adoption of Singapore and International standards in the areas of Manufacturing and Quality and Safety.

Want to contribute to a robust quality and standards ecosystem? Participate in the development of Singapore and international standards and help companies enhance the quality of their products and services, access local and global markets, and improve the safety, health and environment for Singaporeans. 

Want to be involved in the standards development?

As an appointed by EnterpriseSG, SMF-SDO facilitates the development of national standards – Singapore Standards (SS) and Technical References (TR) – based on requests from industry and government.

SSs and TRs are developed in the form of specifications for materials, products, services and systems, codes of practice, requirements of interoperability, methods of test, management systems, guidelines and nomenclatures.

TRs are developed to address urgent industry demand and are issued for industry trials for a period of time. Comments received during this trial period are considered when a TR is reviewed. TRs can become SS after the trial period, continue as TRs for further industry trials or be withdrawn.




You can propose the development of a new standard, review an existing standard or participate in international standardisation. For more in-depth information and submission of request, please click here.